Participation budget in the system of public finance



Introduction. The reform of public finances in Ukraine involves implementing measures to increase the openness and transparency of the budget system. Ensuring the transparency of the budget process and the participation of the population in its organization envisages timely and accurate disclosure of information on the use of budget funds, as well as the ability of the public to participate in the formation and implementation of the budget, which is indisputable sign of democracy in many countries around the world.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to study the issues of effective implementation of the participation budget in the context of decentralization, also the development of practical recommendations for improving the dialogue between local authorities and society on the basis of cooperation in the context of participative budgeting.

Results. The role and place of the participation budget in the system of public finance in terms of financial decentralizations are justified. Foreign and domestic experience of introducing participatory budgeting in the field is generalized. The algorithm for implementation and implementation of participatory budgeting and recommendations for effective implementation of the budget for participation in the community are presented.

Conclusions. The participation budget is an effective tool for interaction between government and society, which combines the principles of democracy and zransparency. Of course, the introduction of a budget for participation in the context of decentralization reform offers significant benefits. Particularly relevant is the introduction of the participation budget for newly formed united territorial communities. If previously small financially unprofitable communities were not able to use participatory budgeting in their territory, now, with voluntary unions, they are getting new financial opportunities for their development, using best practices in the participation budget in large and small cities

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participation budget; participatory budgeting; public finance; financial decentralization

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